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Car insurance in Surrey Canada

Having a car is like having a part of yourself. It’s more than simply an investment; it’s a way to get you where you want to go, when you want to be there. Finding the best vehicle insurance, on the other hand, might be a challenge. Consult with one of the Car insurance in Surrey Canada to learn about your alternatives and make an informed decision about your protection while driving.

ICBC provides obligatory coverage in British Columbia. Were you aware that there are more choices for enhancing your overall coverage when driving? We’ve done the legwork for you by outlining the many types of coverage you may choose from when purchasing Car insurance in Surrey Canada. Yes, we’re here for you if you’d like to talk to one of our car insurance specialists. Get in touch with us now.


ICBC’s Autoplan is the state-mandated insurance programme for all automobiles in British Columbia. The Autoplan product will undergo a major overhaul. If you’d want to know more, consider reading this whole page. The following expenses are covered by Autoplan:

  • Coverage for Liability to Third Parties
  • Every British Columbian is entitled to payments in the case of an accident, regardless of who was at fault, thanks to Enhanced Accident Benefits.
  • Protection for underinsured motorists
  • Liability in the other direction
  • Damages to property caused by a hit and run drivers are covered 

The Most Common Types of Automobile Damage

Mandatory coverage will be included in basic auto-renewal insurance Surrey. To ensure that you’re well-protected on the road, consider boosting your coverage levels.

  • Optional car insurance

In addition to the basic, legally required coverage, you have a wide range of additional options to choose from. Increasing your automobile insurance coverage is something we constantly advise you to look into. You may customize your automobile insurance policy by decreasing your deductible, raising your liability, and enhancing your wage protection coverage. 

Many private insurance firms we partner with also provide a wide range of additional and optional coverages. With ICBC, you’ll have to register your car, but you may also add an additional insurance policy from another provider to your coverage. You may be able to get optional coverage with vehicle extension plans from other insurance providers that you would not be able to get with ICBC.

  • Insurance for your family’s vehicles is available

It’s possible that our private vehicle coverage is a better match for you and your family if you want to add private auto coverage to your ICBC car insurance policy. Family Autocover is only available via sky view insurance, and you may take advantage of it if you are a our best customer.

What are the advantages of having a family policy?

  • Discounts for submitting a credit card authorization form.
  • Repairs to a chipped windshield are free of charge (subject to a maximum per year)
  • Service for Roadside Emergencies
  • Loss of Utility (with no deductible for fire, lightning or theft)
  • Increased There is an option for a large deductible.
  • Forgiveness of Mistakes Is An Option
  • Extravagance Is Always An Option Protection for Uninsured Drivers
  • Replacement Isn’t Necessary Cost-Benefit Analysis


The ICBC RoadStar programme provides extended coverages that may be a better match if you want to boost your protection via your ICBC auto insurance policy. By adding the RoadStar package to your existing auto insurance, you can rest certain that you will always be well-protected on the road. Your Autoplan insurance must have comprehensive coverage in order to benefit from the RoadStar package.

  • Optiom

For new or used vehicles, Optiom is a replacement programme that helps your insurance keep pace with the cost of the vehicle’s replacement. Optiom’s car replacement coverage may be seen as an addition to your main insurer’s comprehensive coverage. Optiom offers up to seven years of coverage on new cars and up to five years of coverage on used vehicles.

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