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Motorcycle Insurance in Surrey Canada

The only thing that comes close to a summer motorbike ride is the experience of it. When it comes to motorcycles, there’s no better time than the autumn and winter months to go out and ride. Count on us to help you choose the best motorbike insurance policy for your situation. A basic level of obligatory coverage offered by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is available when you purchase motorcycle insurance in Surrey Canada either through email, phone, or in person at any of our British Columbia stores.

Each motorbike in British Columbia is unique in its own way, and we’ve been insuring them for over 40 years. If you live in Surrey and commute every day, we’ve got you covered, as well as those who like to take in the ocean vistas from their car on the open road. Sky View Insurance¬†know that protecting what matters most to you and your loved ones is essential to your well-being. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable motorcycle insurance in Surrey Canada.

Why Sky View Insurance?

The right insurance coverage should be tailored to your specific objectives, way of life, and financial situation. You’ll get to know your advisers so they can craft a vehicle insurance coverage that’s just right for you. As a result of our efforts, you will be able to continue living your life in the manner that you see fit.

Insurance may be confusing at times. Leave the hard lifting to our team of experienced insurance consultants! We’ll work with you to locate a policy that meets your needs and gives you some peace of mind.

Why should riders have motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement for anybody operating a motor vehicle on a public street. Motorcycling is defined as “sweet,” “beautiful,” “beastlike,” or “just plain awesome.”

  • Tandem or three-wheeled vehicles
  • More than a 50-cc engine size
  • includes mopeds and scooting machines

What does basic ICBC motorbike insurance cover?

  • Lawsuits against Third-Party

You’ll be insured for up to $200,000 in third-party liability claims under your ICBC Autoplan coverage.

  • Insurance Coverage in the Event of an Accident

Those who live in British Columbia are eligible for Accident Benefits. Accidents may lead to medical bills and missed pay, but this insurance can cover those costs and more.

  • Driving While Uninsured

Accident benefits are not available to you, or the motorist responsible does not have the proper insurance to pay the damages that were awarded in a claim, what happens? Accidents caused by drivers who have inadequate insurance may leave you with up to $1 million in medical bills and lost wages.

  • Property Damage Insurance

Hit-and-runs resulting in property damage do happen, unfortunately. You’re insured up to $200,000 if your property is damaged by a hit-and-run driver.

Extending your motorbike’s safety features is an option you’ll want to examine based on your own circumstances and the sort of motorcycle it is.

In British Columbia, what additional coverage options are available?

  • Injuries to the Automobile

When the other motorist is at fault, Basic Vehicle Damage Coverage would pay up to $200,000 in damages. In order to safeguard the value of your expensive new vehicle, you should look into damage coverage.

  • Enhanced Liability for Third Parties

When in an accident, will $200,000 be sufficient? It’s doubtful these days, given the high cost of healthcare and home repairs alike. Are you financially prepared to pay out of your own money if an accident costs more than $200,000? This sense of security on the open road is made possible by additional third-party liability insurance.

How do you figure out how much a motorbike is worth?

Insurers will ask you to pick a stated value when you go to get insurance for your vehicle. This was originally part of the bill of sale, but you’ll want to account for any changes you’ve made to make yours the unique beauty it is today! Then there’s the issue of depreciation over time. Your motorcycle’s worth will be based on the following factors:

  • Invent and model
  • Engine capacity
  • The degree of personalization that may be achieved

Ensure that the value you specify is correct, since if your vehicle is totaled, you will be paid out according to fair market value.

How much does it cost to insure a motorcycle?

How often you ride (for fun or for work? ), as well as your location (are you in the city or out in the country? ), will have an influence on your motorbike insurance premiums after you’ve calculated their claimed worth. Your disciplinary history and level of motorbike license will also impact your premium. Your choice of coverage options and deductible will have an impact on the price.

What about a scooter or a moped?

What distinguishes a scooter or moped from a motorcycle? If your scooter or moped meets the following criteria, you may register it as such:

  • Three or four wheels
  • A wheel of more than 250 mm in diameter.
  • Or it features an electric motor with a maximum displacement of 50ccs
  • A maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour.
  • It is mandatory to register your motorbike if it has a maximum horsepower or maximum speed above these restrictions.

Why would you want to use us?

Is it time to discuss your insurance needs? Aside from analyzing your current policies, we’ll assist you get the finest motorcycle insurance in Surrey Canada coverage for your needs. In person, by phone, or by email, we’re here to help! One of our risk management professionals will swiftly respond to any of your inquiries and concerns. Phone or face-to-face? We’re here for you at any moment. Check out our list of locations to see if there’s one close to where you are.