Every year, Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents welcome their parents and grandparents to visit the country through the Super Visa programme that needs all applicants to have adequate medical coverage.

International tourists and travellers, on the other hand, are not covered by the government’s health insurance once they come to Canada. As a result, Super Visa travel insurance was created to cover the costs of treating medical emergencies, such as a sudden illness or an accident, for non-Canadian citizens visiting their relatives
in Canada.

How does Super Visa insurance work?
Medical expenditures for emergency care in the event of an unanticipated injury or sickness are covered by Super Visa travel and visitors insurance.

Your insurer will pay for necessary medical aid when a person’s health is in jeopardy, such as a bodily or dental injury, hospital admission, surgery, and physician’s services, including prescription medicines and diagnostics, among other things.

Skyview Insurance Brokers Ltd, a successful travel insurance brokerage with the largest selection of super visa policies to choose from, provides unbiased advice so that travellers can select the coverage that best suits their travel plans and health circumstances, whether they are Canadian clients or visitors to Canada.

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